Meet your financial wellness coach

Create financial wellness with a simple method that is easily achievable regardless of your current circumstances.

My story

In 2015 I appeared to have it all. I lived in a lovely house with 3 young kids and my husband, who worked as an airline pilot. We also owned a second house that we rented out.

Then the letter from the bank arrived.

Interest rates had gone up, no reason, no inflation, no warning. We were at the mercy of random decisions like this, and I felt extremely vulnerable financially. Already living hand to mouth, this realisation gave me a fire in my belly to change things and led me to work with a money mentor to find a better way.

We started to create better habits, monitor spending, and even start investing. It was only €20 a month at first, but this quickly grew as we realised the potential gains and more money was freed up.

Then… just as we thought we had things figured out, in March 2020, our income disappeared overnight.

As it did for many people, the pandemic exposed our true vulnerability.

The single source of income.

Transformation desire to change this initiated a new mission, to build on the things we’d already done and find ways to diversify our income for even greater protection. Today we have multiple streams of income, a growing portfolio, and a comfortable retirement is on the cards.

I never wanted to experience that stress again, and I didn’t want my children to either. I needn’t have worried, though, as I started to notice that just by creating better habits in myself, they naturally became ingrained in the children. This really excited me. Knowing I could make an intergenerational change and prevent them from going through the same struggles we had was amazing.

This personal transformation inspired me to start The Financial Wellness Academy. I knew what was possible, and I longed to share my knowledge and empower other women. Encouraging them to remove their head from the sand, gain clarity around money, and tidy things up financially to live life on their terms. No longer dictated to by money, stressed out by it or worried about the future.

Given my passion for empowering women financially, I also speak on this. More information on my speaking can be found here at


Financial literacy isn’t taught in school. Unless we’re part of the elite 1%, we mostly have to figure it out the hard way.

Why work with me?

Shared experience

I’ve been there. I understand how you feel, and I’ve probably had to overcome the same obstacles.

Tailored advice

Everyone’s situation is slightly different. So, you’ll get a personalised plan that includes action steps, support and guidance that fits you and your unique circumstances.

Baby steps

It can feel overwhelming when you take your head from the sand and look at the true state of things. So, we break it down, addressing one area at a time and tackling it in bitesize chunks. Taking small steps forward allows you to make massive progress without feeling like giving up.

No judgement

Beating yourself up over how and why you ended up in this situation isn’t helpful. So, when you join the Financial Wellness Academy, you get 100% non-judgemental support from myself and the community. Time to stop the guilt and shame and move forward into a brighter future.

What my clients say…

Caitriona helped ease the pain and fear of delving deep into our finances. With her guidance, support and reassurance we set up a budget plan and started upon a path to a more secure future.

Esther Quirk

Mum of 3, full-time employee

I blitzed over £900 of credit card debt and am now investing. Caitriona is down to earth and shares real life challenges which are very relatable.

Glyn Edge

Owner of Snaefell Soaps

Do it, you may not believe that through doing it the universe brings great things your way. I didn’t believe in the universe having an influence on my life but it has.

Michelle Mclymont

Teacher and property investor

Sign up! You won’t regret it. Caitriona is an excellent teacher who provides great support throughout the program. Simplifying what can be a very difficult and confusing area.

Kerry Taylor

Travel industry employee

You’ll love my simple method of creating financial wellness because it’s easily achievable.

Financial wellness isn’t just about money. It’s about the whole of your life and how it feels to you. It’s about making sure that the most important people in your life, including you, are provided for in a way that feels fabulous!

Financial Wellness = wealthy mindset + values prioritised + a life filled with all you desire to be, do and have.

We are told that success lies in…


  • Work hard at school – you get good grades.
  • Work hard in your job – you get promotions.
  • Work hard in business – you’ll make money.

I used to eat up the ‘hustle’ mentality as if all my life depended on it.

“If I just work harder, then I’ll get to that next level of success and then I’ll be happy”.

“Creating Financial Wellness gave me freedom and peace of mind, and it can for you too.”