Financial Wellness done your way

Many women overcomplicate financial wellness until they follow my simple method and experience profound shifts in a short space of time.

Financial wellness programs

Financial Wellness Review

Introducing our unparalleled Financial Wellness Review – a deep dive 1:1 session into the 5 pillars of financial wellness that will reshape your financial landscape.

Financial Wellness Foundations

A short, self-study program that serves as an introduction to financial wellness. A great place to start if you’re strapped for cash but want some help sorting your money out.

Financial Wellness Blueprint

Create financial wellness with a step-by-step blueprint key to you sorting your money challenges. Additionally you will access support directly with Q&A calls. 

Financial Wellness Cocoon

Transformational 1:1 coaching with tailored advice, coaching and accountability every step of the way to achieve maximum results in minimal time.

Financial Wellness Review

Imagine a future where your financial dreams are not just aspirations but tangible realities.

Welcome to our Financial Wellness Review – a transformative experience that not only reveals the 5 pillars to financial wellness but empowers you to create a robust DIY plan tailored to your unique journey with Caitriona as your guide.

Financial Wellness Review for Women

Financial Wellness foundations

This course is packed with valuable information from my comprehensive Financial Wellness Blueprint at a fraction of the price. It’s a great entry level introduction to the concept and gives you my 5 essential keys to success when striving for financial wellness in your business and life.

Financial wellness is a relatively new concept. You’re probably here because you know you need to improve your situation, but like most people, you may not know where to start or fully understand what is included in total financial wellness.

Financial Wellness blueprint

Want to go at your own pace?

You can now learn all the valuable information I share with my 1:1 clients in my Financial Wellness Cocoon in a time frame that suits you in this brand-new self-study course AND be supported twice monthly on Q&A calls!

Financial Wellness Coach

Financial Wellness cocoon

You’ll love my simple method of creating financial wellness because it’s easily achievable.

During this 60 or 90-day 1:1 program, you’ll be fully supported in designing and creating the life and financial wellness you desire by meeting you where you are and moving you to where you want to be.

The Financial Wellness Cocoon is a unique 1:1 program, guiding you through my simple method and supporting you to create the financial wellness you desire.