Banish Bill Shock & Conquer Adhoc Bill Anxiety

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Written By Caitriona Ellis

When random bills drop in to your inbox or doorstep, do they set your heart in your mouth with worry? It is sadly a regular occurrence and something that plagues many women. So watch this short vlog and Banish Bill Shock & Conquer Adhoc Bill Anxiety with very simple way to combat this and ditch that stress and anxiety and for once and for all get it under control.

Step 1: Realising this was a source of significant stress to me. This was a massive challenge that I experienced in 2015 and each time a bill would land, fear would strike me and I would start to worry about how I was going to pay this bill. At that point ends were barely meeting covering basics so an unexpected bill would really stress me out.

Step 2: Add up all the adhoc & annual bills each year (e.g. car tax, car insurance, house insurance, rates etc) and I found my total. So let’s say for example the total was 1200 p.a. Then I divided this number by 12 (for 12 months in the year) and it was 100. So I figured, if I can find 100 p.m. from what is coming in or find a way to generate an extra 100, this problem is sorted for me.

Step 3: Find ways to get that amount needed, by hook or by crook. And so I became focused on finding this extra money, one way or another. I sold stuff. I came up with ways to generate more money. I trimmed money from outgoings and before I knew it, I had that extra 100.

Step 4: Set up a standing order for the amount from my current account into an instant access savings account.

Step 5: Monitor and adjust as needed. Once I had found my feet with the basic expenses, I then started to add in extras like holidays, Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s day, birthday, tech replacement, house maintenance, car maintenance, kids classes etc I still tweak this regularly and adjust my standing order as I go

The net effect of this simple idea was that this no longer stresses me out. I found a simple solution to alleviate my stress. It takes courage to take your blinkers off and address this and it can be painful to do. But once you see what is really happening, you can do something about it. It can take time to get this money sorted, but it is 100% worth the effort. 9 years later, I still use this and it is so comforting to know those adhoc bits are in hand.

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