Can You be Wealthy Without a Silver Spoon?

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Written By Caitriona Ellis

Many people believe that you can only access wealth if you have been born in to it. They feel that to become wealthy without a wealthy upbringing is nigh on impossible. Do you agree or disagree?

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I vehemently disagree with this belief. It is quite simply a disempowering belief. If you want to evidence this, then you undoubtedly you can find lots of examples to do so. However if you want to find evidence of the many people who were not born into wealth but who are now wealthy, then that is also something you can evidence if you start to look in different places.

Undoubtedly being born into money can give you a better start in life. But it does come with it’s own challenges. When everything has been handed to you, it is difficult to have learnt the basics around working for your money, getting creative when you need to fund something without a backer/donator. It can, in many cases, put you at a disadvantage.

To find evidence of those people who have made it despite a silver spoon start in life, you’ll have to look harder to skew your existing beliefs. Most of us don’t like being wrong. But imagine how empowering it would feel to know that you could create the wealth you desire if you so chose by educating yourself on financial literacy?!

Like everything, nothing can be achieved without action. So what will you do today to take action on how you can increase your financial literacy and set yourself on the right path to creating the wealth you desire without a silver spoon advantage/disadvantage?

To Your Financial Wellness,


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