Identify where You are on the money spectrum

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Written By Caitriona Ellis

Where on the money spectrum are you? Have a watch/listen to my latest vlog which talks about the money spectrum and the various characteristics of someone at different points on this.

It will help you get clarity on how you ‘do’ money. Our position(s) on the spectrum often originate from our upbringing with money, where we either gravitate towards what we were modelled or consciously go the opposite way in an effort to avoid what we were exposed to.

On one end of the spectrum we have the person who is filled with worry, fear, anxiety and stress about money. They spend a large chunk of their time worrying about various scenarios and often have a deep sense of lack. This often feels like a hole that can be rarely filled no matter the amount of money and this is the subject for a separate vlog.

On the other end is the person who is a spender who loves to buy nice things. They are likely to spend all they earn and potentially also have a high amount of consumer debt. They may feel that once they get that bonus, promotion, lottery win that all will be well. But the common ground is the hole that is attempting to be filled.

Your ideal position is one of balance in the spectrum, somewhere towards the middle of it. You have a vision for what it is you desire and what life looks like with enough. You enjoy your days largely. You buy things that bring you joy. But you also save and know your future and that of your loved ones is provided for and protected. It is a wholesome feeling and is what I refer to as financial wellness.

You may indeed feel that you have traits of both ends and that is entirely possible. What you are striving for is that middle ground and it is perfectly achievable one step at a time. Keep following my vlog for more info on this. Or alternatively check out the other ways I can support you here

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