Navigate Your Way Out of Dependency in Jobs and Relationships

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Written By Caitriona Ellis

Sadly it is very common in today’s world to find women who find themselves stuck in jobs or relationships that no longer serve them. They are sucking the life out of them. They have lost themselves in employment or in marriage. It can often feel like there is no way out but simply to accept their choice and suck it up.

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Life is too short for settling, in my opinion. We get one life and we should live it to the max. If we are tempted to settle we should put ourselves in the shoes of our children and think what advice would we give them if they found themselves stuck. Because reality is our children are highly likely to model our behaviours in their adulthood. So if they see you settling then they may also do the same.

Often this is enough of a realisation to shock us out of our settling place and jerk us into action. This was certainly what woke me up. I held off ‘blowing up’ our family unit because I didn’t want to cause unnecessary upset, but when I thought about my kids doing this I was outraged and thought very differently. So I made the scary and brave decision to apply for a divorce.

If it is a job that you find yourself stuck in and you ‘can’t afford’ to leave, start to explore options. The life that this job is sucking out of you is not what you want to model to your children. Explore what other options are available to you. There will always be some. Talk to your supportive family and friends and get their thoughts and ideas.

The worst thing you can do in this situation is nothing. Take time to reflect and then act. Life is too short and those precious kiddies of yours are watching what you are doing.

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