The Transformative Power of Baby Steps in Achieving Financial Health

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Written By Caitriona Ellis

It is believed by many that it would take them days, months or years to remedy their financial situation. For many they don’t believe it is even possible to sort their situations out. I 100% disagree.

Watch Caitriona’s short vlog on the simple strategy she uses to access financial wellness.

If you were to divert the time and energy we spend worrying about our money stuff into resolving it, you would be in a very different place. Is that too simplistic a claim to make? Absolutely not. Why? Because time and time again I have witnessed the most challenging of situations be totally turned around by taking baby steps regularly.

I include my own transformation in this also. It wasn’t until I started taking regular action that anything changed. The actions varied from a phone call, to an email, to some online research or to working my numbers out. They were all simple actions which started to turn the tide on my financial desperation. And you can also do the same.

If you feel that you are floundering and wouldn’t even know where to start perhaps ask yourself what feels like the most urgent matter for me to attend to? And start with that. Then keep going, one action at a time.

Getting to grips with your money can be as simple or as complex a task as you make it. So keep it simple and get yourself moving in the direction that you desire towards that financial wellness one step at a time.

What may amaze you is that as you start to get traction with your money matters, you start to feel really energised around your money and you may find yourself spending more and more time taking action on it. The more action you have around it, the more progress you will make. Before long you will look back and be so grateful for all your progress. It all starts with that first action. Go for it and enjoy the ride.

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