Transforming Your Financial Trauma into Triumph

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Written By Caitriona Ellis

Have you ever been scammed? Have you been taken in by someone who seemed very legitimate and trustworthy? And despite doing your due diligence comprehensively, it turned out that all was not as it seemed and you paid the price financially AND emotionally for this experience.

Watch Caitriona’s short vlog on her experience of being scammed and some tips on how you can navigate this experience.

What really took me by surprise with my experience was the torrent of emotions that struck me as I was scammed. I was devastated. I felt so stupid, embarrassed and so shameful. How could I have been so stupid! Was this really true? Perhaps there was a valid explanation? My trust was probably the piece that took the hardest knock. It left me doubting everything and everyone. I was on the edge of my nerves and doubting myself and all around me. Was anything real?

The financial impact of this can be the hardest piece to deal with. That devastation as to the impact of this loss can be crushing. How do you recover from this? My conclusion was to cut loose from the loss asap as I could feel it bringing me under. It had the potential to kill me if I didn’t leave it go. So once I had gathered my thoughts and run my numbers knowing that I had enough to cover my essentials, I let it go firm in the belief I could make that money again and holding on to it was not worth taking me under.

I don’t underestimate for a second the difficulty with letting this go. It is hard to do. Many people hold on for dear life in desperate hope of redeeming it. Letting go of it can be freeing. But understand letting go does not mean that you let them off the hook. Do make sure that you pursue your matter through whatever professional agencies, bodies etc that have the power to investigate the matter. Justice should be served if only for the reason of ensuring that no other victims fall prey to this person or company.

I consider myself to be spiritual and I connect to my Source regularly. A key part of this process for me was forgiveness and not being caught in the drama, victimhood and pity party of it. So on a regular basis I would practice the Ho’oponopono prayer. Releasing any ties to this situation has helped me move on. If this resonates with you, google it and you will find how to do it. I have found it to be very powerful.

If someone you love has experienced this, please share the link to this blog and vlog on this topic, it may help them and at a minimum provide some consolation that there are many people who this affects on a daily basis. Be there as a shoulder to cry on and a non-judgement ear to listen. That is the best gift that you can give them.

Whatever the shade of scam you have experienced, it is a tough one to navigate. But it is 100% surmountable. You can get past this. You will leave this firmly behind you. You just need to get clarity on what the best path through this is for you. Forgive yourself. Forgive those involved and focus on what you are building in your life.

To Your Financial Wellness,


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