Why financial wellness begins with clarity on what financial freedom looks like for you.

Written By Caitriona Ellis

In this post, Caitriona explains the logic behind ensuring you have absolute clarity as to what financial wellness looks like for you before you really roll up your sleeves on this.

It can feel that financial wellness is but a pipe dream for you. Caitriona explains how this is a very normal experience BUT she shares with you the 1 step which can make all the difference to getting started right away on shifting the trajectory away from the financial desperation and hopelessness you may feel right now.. With your willingness to change your trajectory, financial wellness can be something you can access starting today with this 1 simple step..


When you think of financial wellness, what does it conjure up for you?

The answer to this question is as varied as the planet’s population. It means different things to different people. For me, it means being there for my kids before and after school, at weekends, at their games, events etc. It means being able to feed myself and my children the best of everything nutritionally. It means being able to have fun in my life by myself or with my kids, family or friends. It means having an emergency fund in place. It means being able to holiday when, where and with whom I chose. It means knowing my retirement needs have been taken care of. It means knowing I can give my kids access to opportunities they need. It means having support in my home with a cleaner and housekeeper so that I can bring my best to my work, my mission to empower women with this knowledge.

There may be many similar elements to what I have shared. And there may be different elements. For some growing their own food is vital. For others being able to visit family regularly is key. Perhaps it is being able to do a course you’ve always wanted to do, or have a personal trainer or a feeling that your future is taken care of financially.

Whatever financial wellness looks like for you is exactly perfect. There is no right or wrong on this. There is only what is right for you.

Take some time now to reflect on what financial wellness looks like for you. Having clarity on this is key to navigating accessing financial wellness with much more ease.

To Your Financial Wellness,


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