Will 2024 be the year you make a seismic shift in your financial wellness?

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Written By Caitriona Ellis

Will 2024 be the year you make a seismic shift in your financial wellness? In this video, Caitriona explores how you can make 2024 the year you get on top of your money stuff. She outlines the 1 thing you need to do to make this year different from the rest.

People often feel that financial wellness is something inaccessible to them. They feel that it would only be through a lottery win, a promotion, new job or massive project success that they could access financial wellness. The reality, in my experience, is not so. Financial wellness is something you can access quickly with the inclusion of 2 things in your life.

In this blog, I’ll cover the first one. That is commitment. Once you decide that things are going to change and know you are 100% responsible for it, then that is a key turning point to all that follows.

In 2015 I found myself in a financially desperate situation with two 100% mortgages, 1 income and 3 young children. I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. My days were riddled with guilt, shame, stress and anxiety. There were a lot of sleepless nights.

One day after some chilling news from the bank, I made a decision that no matter what I was going to turn things around. That decision was pivotal to everything that followed as I slowly but surely turned the ship around and moved from a place of financial desperation to financial wellness.

There’s a wise idea that goes….if the Universe/Source/God is trying to give you a message it first tickles you with a feather. If you don’t take action with the feather, it then gives you a quick slap. If you are still not hearing the message, the truck is next which often results in a wipe out which can take a long time to recover from.

My wake up call was a very firm smack from the bank. The truck wasn’t far off but I avoided it then. However when covid hit in 2020, that was a massive wipe out for me. Thankfully because of all the robust foundations I had put in place, I was able to recover much quicker from that than I expected.

Don’t wait for the wipe out, get ahead now and get yourself with some strong foundations in place for you and your loved ones. Make 2024 the year you get serious about your financial wellness.

To Your Financial Wellness,


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